A blend of dance and circus

TeaTime Company (Hannah Rogerson, Bavo De Smedt and Pieter Visser) create performances where the borders of circus and dance disappear to create a new and hybrid movement language. A language that shows concrete, human reactions to abstract situations. Complex ideas are met with accessibility and charm, along with subtle humour and strong imagery.

Our vision is to blur the boundaries between our disciplines in order to create one clear movement language.
Our aim is to communicate in a pure, honest and relatable way.
Our virtuosity lies not in the technique behind each movement but in the thought behind each movement. We believe strongly in connections, patterns, fluidity and the appearance of simplicity.
Our performances come from somewhere deep in our core and are expressed through lightness, humour and intricacy. We hope to draw the audience in to later leave them thinking about the content. Accessible and enjoyable for all ages, TeaTime hopes to create empathy by sharing the world through their eyes.

The artists of TeaTime Company are specialized in three different
disciplines: Chinese pole, dance, and juggling. What excites them is the
search for the similarities and differences between their disciplines,
personalities and interests as makers.
With their first performance ‘Stick-Stok’, TeaTime Company played more than 200 times in no fewer than 10 different countries. ‘Stick-Stok’ was the first step of the artistic signature, an elegant combination of their three disciplines and backgrounds. The success of ‘Stick-Stok’ has led to the creation of new and longer performances, with the latest performance: ‘A Matter of Time’
In ‘A Matter of Time’, the focus is on time and gravity. The three
performers make a long nose at the laws of nature. They challenge each
other to break gravity, bend time and achieve the impossible. Newton, eat
your heart out!