BURO PIKET collaborates with circus artists, and cross-overs with the circusdisciplines
to expand and develop the field. Through this website we show the diversity of contemporary circus performances.


Both the artists and BURO PIKET have access to international contacts. We believe in joining forces.
Making connections between artists, stages, production sites, residencies and specific experts; both BURO PIKET and the artists are intermediaries in the network. It is a combination of valuable connections.

The starting point of this collaboration is to develop and maintain a network to make new connections and exchange.
BURO PIKET has its own network that is quite extensive due to the contacts in the (inter) national circus sector.
And to draw attention to circus produced in the Netherlands for the important players in the world of circus and performance arts.


In collaboration with Fontys Circus and Performance Arts Tilburg,
Buro Piket is the coordinator of the Keep an Eye Project.
Every year, 4th year students are selected just before graduation to enter the work field in the first months after graduation with the support of the Keep an Eye project and coached by Buro Piket.
They get the chance to develop their first performance and are coached to become successful young entrepreneurs.


The Circus Coalition consists of several organizations committed to the development of contemporary circus; the ambassadors of circus in the Netherlands.
Both Buro Piket and circus schools and festivals, as well as production houses, workspaces and venues that want to program more circus, are affiliated with the Circus Coalition.

In 2024 the Circus Coalition organizes for the 2nd time the Great Catch: a tour through the Dutch theaters where circus creators are introduced to the public in a surprising combination program. The Circus Coalition selected three short original productions by fresh circus talent:

The partners of the Circus Coalition are Circusstad Festival Rotterdam, Festival Circolo, Korzo, MAAS theater, TENT, Deventer op Stelten, De Schuur, Panama Pictures, Buro Piket, Circusbende, Bijlmerparktheater, Fontys Circus and Codarts.


Buro Piket is one of the initiators of the brand new workspace: the Circus Kapel, which was opening its doors at the start of 2023.

The Circus Kapel is a workspace for creating artist and makers from Brabant, the Netherlands and Europe who can use the facilities offered for specific circus disciplines and crossovers to develop new creations.
The Circus Kapel exists of a workspace with several other spaces, including a kitchen. Since Mai 2023 the new fixed, custom made construction of 8,5 meter high, is build in the in the workspace and has several rigging options.

We welcome artists of all disciplines and countries to come and stay in our residency place.