BURO PIKET was founded by Sandra Smits and Wendy Moonen in 2019.
We work together with artists and authors within the contemporary circus and performance arts field.

The rapidly growing need for support and expansion for artists in the circus field in the Netherlands creates the ultimate need to exist for BURO PIKET.
The term circus is often forgotten in the list of the performing arts disciplines of theater, dance and music, while circus is a discipline of art in its own right. Together with the artists we want to make a change.

Sandra and Wendy have followed the developments in the circus field closely in recent years, after which the start of BURO PIKET is a logical result.

BURO PIKET collaborates with circus artists, and cross-overs with the circusdiscipline and thereby expand and develop the field.
In recent years we have seen more and more alumni of Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art (Tilburg) and Codarts Circus Art (Rotterdam) who have the need to make their own performances and, often, to settle in the Netherlands, where the circus field is still in its preliminary stage.

Both the artists and BURO PIKET have access to international contacts. We believe in joining forces.
Making connections between artists, stages, production sites, residencies and specific experts; both BURO PIKET and the artists are intermediaries in the network. It is a combination of valuable connections.

The starting point of this collaboration is to build and maintain a network to develop the circus field from there.
BURO PIKET has its own network that is quite extensive due to the contacts in the (inter) national circus sector.
BURO PIKET is present at all important (inter) national festivals and fairs to maintain and expand the network.
And to draw attention to circus produced in the Netherlands for the important players in the world of circus and performance arts.