Fiery pits, umbilical cords, donkeys or just simple sticks. Thrust into a cold-grey world of straight lines and narrow minds the performers are invited to think laterally. Each choice cascades into the next, creating a swirling dream of images.

It started with an image: a forest of sticks.
It developed into a material: twenty carbon poles ranging from 20cm to 4m50 long. Then TeaTime did what we always do: research. Like scientists in a lab we experimented for hours. What happens if I throw this from here? What happens if you hold it and I kick it? Can we all balance them sideways?What did we discover from the research?

We related most to the situations that trapped us, that gave us a system, that gave us rules. We discovered that though we were researching with twenty sticks the objects didn’t seem to come to the foreground.
Our research seemed to always focus on the human wielding the sticks and the relationships the sticks created between us.

And so it happened that from a research with twenty objects we came away with a piece about the struggle of three people. Trapped from system to system, fascinated by non-linear thinking and creating inventive ways of escaping we were in a piece that said more about humanity and our state as individuals then we could ever have achieved if we had gone at it from another angle.

Struggles, circles, fragility, connections, lines, trapped systems, rules, wit, humour, play. That’s LINEAR.

Music: Julian Vogel
Coach: Pia Meuthen
Lights: Wout Hoste
Outside eyes: Foucauld Falguerolles and Darragh McLoughlin
Co-Productions: Festival Circolo, Theater op de Markt
Support: Makershuis Tilburg, Makersfonds Tilburg,
Panama Pictures, BURO PIKET, Circus Centrum, PLAN Brabant, Dommelhof, IACC, Dance Ireland, Shawbrook Dance