In ‘A Matter of Time’, the focus is on time and gravity. The three
performers make a long nose at the laws of nature. They challenge each
other to break gravity, bend time and achieve the impossible. Newton, eat
your heart out!

You throw a ball, automatically your hand reaches out to catch it. In the
time that elapses between those moments, however, lies a world of
possibilities. In ‘A Matter of Time’ this simple act (and the time in
between) is played with in a surprisingly complex way.

‘A Matter of Time’ shows an infectious interplay that is both physically
and mentally challenging and visually intriguing. The performance shows the relationship between circus and dance, juggling and movement, bodies and juggling balls, the possible and the impossible. The performers balance of the thin line between success and failure. They investigate how far you can bend the rules before they break…


Production: TeaTime Company
Performed by: Hannah Rogerson, Bavo De Smedt , Pieter Visser
Direction and Choreography* : Piet Van Dycke
*in collaboration with the performers

Commission: National Circus Festival of Ireland
With Support of: Arts Council of Ireland Funding Festivals, PLAN,
Festival Circolo, Panama Pictures
TeaTime Company are Associate Artists of Panama Pictures