The human desire for constant discovery and the tumbling effects of this discovery is the theme of our piece. No matter how much we want time to pause, how much we want to tame or slow down this technological era that’s rapidly changing and tumbling on and on we simply can’t.

In this piece we try to capture this situation. We go from the discovery of a simple object (in this case the sticks), to trying to understand it: testing how it falls, where it’s balance point is, what it can do, to in the end realize that it almost has a life of its own. The pace becomes more and more rapid, we control the sticks to get higher, we jump further, we move faster but in the end it’s almost always moving us.

Creators: Pieter Visser, Hannah Rogerson, Bavo De Smedt
Mentor/Coach: Pia Meuthen
Outside Eye: Erik Kaiel
Composition: Julian Vogel
Co-production: Circusstad Festival