Just lie down in a hammock and watch the clouds go by.
Soon the noise of everyday life will fade and you’ll slowly doze off into a wholly different place. Put on the headphones and close your eyes.

The Relaxerette is a charming revolving installation conceived by Dutch artist Arjan Kruidhof. You will experience a dreamy moment, listen to stories and sounds that will quiet your mind for a while.

The concept
A real eye catcher, the Relaxerette is a unique installation that instantly makes you want to relax and listen to beautiful stories and good music. And hey, you can! This installation will ask you the question: ‘What do you truly need to get to your own inner core?’ Listen to a writer, poet, actor or a composer while embarking on your very own quest for an answer to this question.

The idea behind it
‘What does a person need in order to fully get to their inner self and reflect on their life?’ I have been contemplating this question for the past few years and it was one of the main reasons to build the Relaxerette. This installation inspires personal experiences, prompted by language, poetry and soundscapes.

The audio journey
Just like the hammock acts as a safe cocoon for the body, the headphones do the same for the mind. Shielded from outside noise, we created an illusory space in which you can experience spoken word or music in a pleasant manner. Because of the use of binaural recording techniques (tailored to the way humans perceive sound), the listener will get a sensation of spaciousness.  

The experience
After lying down in a hammock, the visitors puts on wireless headphones. The ambient noise gradually fades into a pleasant audio experience that invites you to be introspective, but also gives you the freedom to just let your thoughts run free. Just a little moment for yourself. Once back on solid ground there is the opportunity to share your experiences with others.