Piet Van Dycke graduated in 2018 as a choreographer at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Tilburg, where he received
the ‘Jacques de Leeuw prize’.
Piet = “Most promising newcomer”, “the best acrobatic dancer of his generation”, or in other words choreographer, maker, dancer, coach and teacher.

It is impossible to categorize him. He is active in numerous courses, projects and companies as dOFt, fABULEUS, Teatime company, LAP,
Cie Woest, Makershuis Tilburg and Dansbrabant (NL).

Despite the intense focus on dance during his training, he never lost his passion for circus. Not only his dedication and discipline, but also his choreographic signature are rooted in his earlier training as an acrobat. Piet’s movement language contains fast, acrobatic partner work and the choreographies are always clear and mathematically constructed.


“As an artist I am not a world improver, but my work is questioning our reality, expectations and daily patterns.”

“I’m creating 7/7, 24/24, because of my eagerness to learn and artistic curiosity. I have an indescribable urgency to move, to create, to question. Never to answer, that’s for the sciences.”

“Seven is the lucky number, but happiness is only an approximation of how you stand in life.”

“There is no end point. Thus, the end of these 4 facts is maybe the beginning of a new collaboration. I will always continue my research.”