The MINI Relaxerette is an installation for the public space which takes the visitors on a journey in it’s own environment. The MINI Relaxerette is a smaller version of its big brother; the Relaxerette. The installation consists of six colorful hammocks for the audience to join in.

In the centre of the installation is a small stage for live performances.
The MINI Relaxerette invites artists to start a cooperation. Stories of writers, poets or musicians are the startingpoint of the performance.

Passers by can join by making the installation move, or relax and listen to the performance of the artist, who is standing on the stage in the middle.
In a safe cocoon (1,5 m) the audience listens through wireless headphones and escapes the daily grind of existence.

With this installation, Arjan Kruidhof provides a stage, to work with different artists and he wishes to cooperate and create new projects, appropriate to the goals of the organizing event.

Specifically designed to provide the audience an intimate experience; fast deployable and green. As a guerrilla installation, the MINI Relaxerette reveals itself in the public space and takes the visitor on an adventure in their own city.

Previous artist who worked with the (MINI) Relaxerette / Arjan Kruidhof are:

  • Actor / writer Pieter van der Sman (the National Theatre) wrote “the list” a philosophical experience of the soul.
  • Writer and poet Mariek L. Rijneveld (writer “the Discomfort of Evening”) wrote 2 beautiful poems about nature and reflecting on childhood dreams.
  • Theatre and musician Jamila Faber (city poet Leeuwarden) wrote a exiting fairy tail (this old country house) for the younger visitors.
  • Writer Jeremy Tiang (writer “Sophia’s party”), a narration on his novel made especially for the Singapore festival of Arts 2019.