The Repro Project #2

How can we enhance the way we are perceived? A triangular installation, rotating and movable. A nearly kaleidoscopic physical experience.

EXO is the second installation project in the Repro Project series.
Like PRESS it deals with the theme ‘dependency of technology’.
This time it is approached in a different way. In a time where appearance is “power”, this work finds a way how to enhance or change it and incorporates the audiences perspective and the changeability of it within.

Again this art piece will be a kinetic installation that is manipulated by a body, but this time audience members have more influence in how they want to see the work. Camiel searches for content in relation to his physical material. EXO will be researched in different venues and public/open areas in order to find the right resonance of society.

Every different experiment/installation is one element of the full Repro Project.

The Repro Project #2: EXO is the second installation performance of Camiel Corneille and part of the New Makers trajectory,
made possible by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.
In collaboration with Festival Circolo and Circus Werkplaats Dommelhof (be).

Maker/performer: Camiel Corneille
Design and construct installation: Edwin Schulte, Camiel Corneille
Film: Jesse Immanuel Bom
Production: Lysanne van Esch
Partners: Festival Circolo, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, CIRKLABO
Special thanks to: MiraMiro, KORZO