An acrobat starts her perfect handstand act. Unfortunately, one blunder follows another, so that the perfect ‘smile’ soon disappears in frustration. Will ‘The Amazing Katleen’ still be worthy of its name? An ode to the old circus with a contemporary twist and the necessary humour.

‘The amazing Katleen’ is an open-air handstand performance with 1 performer, inspired by the circus past. In the atmosphere of a ‘classical act’, the acrobat starts her perfect routine. Due to unforeseen circumstances, that perfect execution is soon compromised. A series of blunders admits the reality of being ‘human’, erasing the ‘fake smile’ and revealing the identity behind the artist. She enlists the help of the public to bring everything to a successful conclusion. With varying degrees of success, she still manages to be worthy of her name. Ungainly on her legs, strong and agile on her hands.

‘The amazing Katleen’ shows what she can do, and brings out her best and strongest tricks in a surprising way. The performance presents high skilled handstands with the necessary humor. An ode to the old circus with a contemporary twist.

With and from: Katleen Ravoet 
Coaching (artistic): Bram Dobbelaere, Aurelia Brailowsky 
Coaching (technical): Lucien Beautour
Dramaturgy: Aline Breucker
Costume: Brigitte Van De Wouwer
Scenografy: Davide Salodini 

With thanks to: Adrian Schvarzstein, Craig Weston, Riet Bongaerts, Ine Middel

Show made with the support of the Flemish governement
Coproduction: Cirklabo, CIRC’UIT
Residency: Cirklabo, Mira Miro, UP, Espace CAR Ath, Cirkus Salto