With the help of a giant metal spiral, the three performers of TeaTime Company explore themes of influence, power, flow and friction. Having originally trained in three different disciplines: dance, juggling and Chinese pole, the spiral allows them to push their limits. Where a jump can suspend time and a fall can last forever.

The Ripple effect describes the influence, persistence and consequences of our choices. Just as natural forces cause vibrations and ripples in water, our choices cause ripples in our relationships, thoughts and experiences.

The giant metal spiral, 2.5 meters high and 5 meters long, dominates the stage and the players as a physical sculpture. This is not simply an object or a prop. It is a set that can move completely: it is our acrobatic and manipulable playground. Circus, dance and architecture come together in Ripple.

As the great spiral rolls across the stage in an endless circle, the performers face constant challenges. They are forced to anticipate and react to the constant movement of the metal wheel, which at times seems to obey and at other times seems to have a will of its own. At any moment the entire situation can change due to an unexpected movement of a performer.

Production – TeaTime Company
Performers – Hannah Rogerson
                     Bavo De Smedt
                     Pieter Visser
Concept & Choreography – TeaTime Company
Dramaturgy – Lou Cope
Sculpture – Willy Cauwelier | La Chose
Videography – Maarten Rutten
Photography – Hans maakt en foto
Music – Bastian Benjamin
Funding – Nieuwe Makersregeling | Fonds Podiumkunsten, Makersfonds Tilburg
Mentor – Panama Pictures
Support – De Nieuwe Vorst, Festival Circolo, Amare Den Haag, Dommelhof, Buro Piket, Theater op de Markt