GLORIOUS BODIES is an intimate circus and dance performance about the physical capacity of our body, about seeing and being seen, about the border between classical and contemporary circus with six acrobats, between 53 and 67 years old, with a past in the (more) classical circus. Circus history archived in the body.

Aging remains a taboo in our society and certainly within the circus world. Most acrobats stop training intensively after a certain age, just like top athletes do. How do the most perfect bodies transform?

GLORIOUS BODIES highlights the process of aging in a unique way.
Something that happens to all of us. Something that is, in fact, happening right now, at this very moment. The roots of the performance can be found in partner acrobatics and movement. The focus is on the physical process of trial and error. The performance shows us the physical limits, the power of failure, the contrast between ‘wanting’ and ‘being able to’.
GLORIOUS BODIES breaks down the clichés about older generations. A performance about the power of the aging body.

Concept, choreography: Piet Van Dycke
Performers: Winfried Deuling , Astrid Schöne, Det Rijven,
Wybren Da Silva, Paul Griffoen en Johannes Jomi-Fischer
Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters
Technique: Casper Van Overschee
Production: Circumstances
Coproduction: PLAN, Festival Circolo, DansBrabant, Cirklabo, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, PERPLX, Perpodium
With the support of: De Vlaamse overheid
Special thanks to: Miramiro