Your body is an amazing ecosystem, living within a little society that again is part of the world.
From identifying the tiniest particle to grasping our entire existence, humans are always busy trying to understand the world. No matter which lens we look through, zooming in or out, life is an ongoing process of change. All we need to do to be a part of that, is breathe. Everything else is optional.

FASE is a short intervention of a public space, where we invite you to share an imaginary space together. Three performers explore mechanisms and systems with their bodies, merging tangible structures into ecosystems and social dynamics. What does it mean to be part of something? How do we exist together? For a moment we all become a part of the performance FASE. A memory that we facilitate and maintain only for as long as it matters.

Review Theaterkrant – Wendy Lubberding
“FASE is a wonderful illustration of a wriggling civilization. About the way we have had to
shift gears, forcing ourselves into corners to maintain distance between ourselves. How we have explored the space within the rules examined and with all the stagnation had to redirect our energy

Concept & Choreography: Marta Alstadsæter & Kim-Jomi Alstadsæter
Performers: Vincent Kollar, Marta Alstadsæter, Kim-Jomi Alstadsæter
Music: Erlend Apneseth & Stephan Meidell – mixed by Stephan Meidell
Technique: Edwin v Steenbergen
Dramaturgy: Merel Heering
Rehearsal Director: Heleen v Gigch
Costumes: Dorine van IJsseldijk
Creative producer: Annejon Okhuisen
Publicity image: Alexander Browne
Video & Trailer: Paul Sixta
Co-produced by: Dansateliers, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Festival Circolo,
Dansearena Nord
Supported by: Det norske komponistfond, Fond for lyd og bilde – kulturrådet, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam.