is a Swiss circus artist, graduated from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg (NL) in 2020. Interested in movement in general, but thirsty for knowledge, he decided to learn Piano, trumpet, electronic music composition and Cyr Wheel besides

his main disciplines : Acrodance and acrodance partnering.

During his school time he joined a few projects, including La Cie Sea (circus company) with the show
« Un grain », La mythe (collaboration with the visual artist : Erwan Demenga), (In)Sane (dance quartet choreographed by Sarah Prescimone), « Simio Kollektiv » (partnering collective) and « On point » (partnering duet with Cal Courtney choreographed by Piet van Dycke, which is still touring to this day!). He graduated with the solo « Silent scream ».

He also co-created the company Les Payenkes Utopistes with Saphia Loizeau and created and toured with the shows « Bonne Question ! » (2018, partnering duet), « O-zero » (2019, partnering and musical duet) and « Hug » (2020-2022, partnering and musical duet).
After graduating, he joined Compagnie Hors Surface on the show « Entre deux mondes » as an acrodancer, composed the soundtrack of the art exhibition « Lumitériales » by Laurie-Anne Jaubert, joined the circus-dance company Circumstances with the show « Exit » directed by Piet van Dycke, and joined the show « Rocking » directed by Paul Van de Waterlaat.

Having worked and working in different projects as co-creator, performer, composer, acrobat, acrodancer or interpreter, he now embarks on a solo path with « La vieille souche ».

Quote :

Buro Piket is aiming to develop the circus field in the Netherlands, especially emerging artists, which is why I am happy to join them, to contribute to the growth of the Dutch field.