BURO PIKET is the place for presenters to contact if they want to present circus and performance arts.

Not the traditional commercial entertainment circus, but circus as it currently profiles itself in its versatility. We believe in the right combinations of artists and stages to get the best for both.

Together with the artists BURO PIKET presents contemporary circus, often at the intersection of circus, performance art, dance, visual arts and theater. We look for the right performance at the right place and stimulate the dialogue between artist and presenter.

The international network of both BURO PIKET and the artists with whom we work provide the basis for the diffusion of these special projects.

BURO PIKET does not fully take over the distribution of the performances, but together with the artists we build a network and create open communication during negotiations. BURO PIKET strongly wants to involve the voice of the artist and the artistic content of the performance, which is the basis of the collaboration.