Technology VIPre Antivirus is certainly one of many malware that are widespread on the Internet. This program is normally what’s commonly known as a “rogue antivirus” plan, which is nothing more than a fake application that pretends for being an actual malware program… nevertheless is anything but. As soon as you mount this kind of on your computer, it begins to show a series of untrue alerts. To start with, it seems like the situation your PC has is separated and refuses to affect the VPS/dedicated web server (but that isn’t the case – the anti-virus has infected your computer from your likes of Trojan Horse infections, malicious email attachments, rogue downloads and malicious websites).

Technology VIPre Antivirus is additionally known by names Fireball and LockerVirus. Despite looking like legitimate antivirus programs on the outside, they have simply no discernible features or any type of functional scanning services tool on them. They will basically just mount themselves on your computer and then perform all sorts of knockoffs, claiming following an accident image source “viruses”. They also continue to keep popping on and off your system, creating major damage to your computer.

Ideal great thing regarding this program is that it’s been developed in a fake anti-spyware engine, known as the “XoftSpy”. This highly effective tool has been specifically created to be really difficult to take out – making XoftSpy a perfect partner for every quality Internet security system. XoftSpy is able to produce even the most advanced of security programs flop, as it has the able to avoid most of the prevalent defences of the reliable anti-spyware program. If you want to use a system that will continue to keep popping apart on your system and causing complications for you, technology VIPRE Anti-virus is it.