Not to think about what we destroyed, but to see what would arise, evolve and survive when we are long gone.

About moving bodies and timelines.
About being afraid of the future, or maybe just not at all.
About learning to fly and birds that don’t exist yet.
About the urge to be an end point. And the realization that it isn’t.
About the magic of the child’s imagination and the fear of it to be wrong. About the smell of fresh bread and the law of the jungle.
About the scale of things.

Radio Sancha consists of circus artist Camille Paycha (FR/BE) and artist Noortje Sanders (NL). They met six years ago and started experimenting with mixed media and acrobatic movement. Radio Sancha was born in January 2019, from the shared motivation to explore what it means to work in a post-humanistic future and play ping-pong with speculative timelines.

Camille Paycha & Noortje Sanders