The show is created and performed by Radio Sancha, who  bring to life a giant bird from the future. Ready for summer 2020.

Radio Sancha tries to look at a world where humans have long died out. Not to contemplate what we destroyed but to see what would arise, evolve and survive. A  big messy pile of daily objects is facing a duo of builders. The goal is to make this pile of things become a giant bird of the future that can open its mouth and move its wings.

The Magnavem, a type of bird that will only exist long after the extinction of humankind. Pushed by the spirit of contradiction, they want to involve as many humans as possible in their creation process.
The different points of view from the collective will highlight the place of human’s fantasy in (speculative) science in order to both reassure ourselves and for pure fun.

The Magnavem Project is an experiment…
What do you think the future will look like?
What do you think will walk, crawl or fly around this world after we have long gone?
Can you, by looking at the way we treat the world today, say anything meaningful about the faraway future?
That is exactly what we are going to do.
But for that we need your help.
With the help from the audience we are going to bring to life a bird from the far away future.

The Magnavem
Will you help us?

Camille Paycha
Noortje Sanders