The Hangman Radioshow takes the audience, each with their own radio, on a journey to bygone times and forgotten futures.
The audience follows the fantasies of a young radio maker. We arrive in a different universe where light makes sound, circus becomes a satellite and everything is live.

A lonely radiostation, a megalomaniac tripod and a pile of tiny custom synthesizers. Over the course of the performance a strange world unfolds, that in nothing looks like the real wordl. Where do these two worlds meet?
The Hangman Radioshow is an interdisciplinary experience between light and dark, micro and macro, in and out of reach.

The collective
Noortje Sanders, Camille Paycha and Thijs Veerman are the Hangman Radioshow.
The collective is investigating new ways of storytelling and narrative delivery in which it aims to make experiences rather than stories. All three are all operating within the grayscale of their disciplines.
Noortje is a visual artist, but flirts with theater.
Camille is in continuous discussion with her own circus discipline.
Thijs is a designer, scenographer, or inventor, depending on the day of the week.
The three sometimes don’t feel at home in their respective disciplines. As curious about the end result as the audience they take along on their experiments, they rather mix it all together.

Synthesizer design: Unit Unlikely
Thanks to: Circollaborative Tools, La Central del Circ (CAT), Cirqueon (CZ), Circuscentrum Vlaanderen (BE)
The Hangman Radioshow is a co-production of Oerol Festival (NL)