Influenced by partner acrobatics, Surface is a full-length performance created and presented by an international group: Familiar Faces.
It is a research on how we relate, as humans, to nature. The human being as something that molds its environment.

Nature as a house that offers shelter and opportunity to everything inside it. Now, in 2020, we ask ourselves what is happening to this relationship.

Trailer Surface

Water seeps across the stage. On its flowing surface four artists explore the balance between control and recklessness.
A stunning performance filled with liquid acrobatics and stylish imaging. It is the water itself that sets them in motion, where to find balance? Familiar Faces search for the limits of the possible. 

Co-Production: Festival Circolo (NL, Festival LEME (PT) and Cirkl (BE)
CIRCUSNEXT Laureates 2018-2019