Two men on the edge. On the most absurd, impressive and dangerous way, Cal Courtney and Samuel Rhyner play a game.
They try to keep their balance between, above, below, on, against each other. Falling is not an option.

What starts as a game develops into a common challenge. Every step, touch, shift must be exact. ON POINT. They become completely dependent on each other, but the question is: Who will persist? And how long?

The duet will be reworked on location. We can perform on a playground, in the park, on a square, in the sports hall… but also in a theater!
The structure of the performance is fixed, but it is adapted according to the possibilities of the location.


Concept & choreography             Piet Van Dycke Performers                                     Samuel Rhyner & Cal Courtney
With the support of                       PLAN, Dansbrabant

Thanks to                                            
Janneke Defesche, Wendy Moonen, Heleen Volman, Leonie Clement