On / off is a wordless performance that plays with your expectations. Three men try to replace a broken lamp on the most illogical and dangerous ways. They play, fool around and mess with each other.
The urge to compete creates a restless feeling. How far will they go?

In this performance, the trio explores the man’s youthful curiosity and all the impetuosity, rudeness and turbulence that comes with it.

The performance originated from a collaboration between theater maker Peter van der Heijden, choreographer Piet Van Dycke and circus artist Daniel Fernández López. Circus, dance and theater merge into a unique style of these young and talented makers.


Concept, dance & theater   
Peter van der Heijden , Piet Van Dycke en Daniel Fernández López

Scenography                  Menno Boerdam
With support of              Makershuis Tilburg, Makerfonds Tilburg
Thanks to                       Janneke Defesche, Wendy Moonen